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The future (of CX)
is Collaborative

Zingly puts the power of AI in your customers’ hands, infinitely scaling your business, boosting revenue, and dramatically cutting costs. No more calling and waiting on hold.

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Collaborative CX Platform

Boost and accelerate revenue, increase loyalty, and reduce costs by meeting customers anytime on web and mobile applications.

Omni channel

Z! Rooms

A new medium to meet your customers. Combining digital, Gen AI, and telephony in one collaborative, customer-facing space. Everything omnichannel never was!

Manual workflow

Relationship AI

Drive business outcomes by knowing when to involve agents, reducing customer friction, and creating revenue-generating opportunities.

Rigid chatbots

Gen AI Buddy

Unlock 24/7 sales & support, reduce friction, increase customer engagement and ROI. Move your business at the speed of your customers. The future of CX starts now.

A contact center of yesterday transformed into the CX results of the future:


Lead to customer


time to revenue


Customer engagements with same agent headcount


Give ALL your customers a highly personalized & collaborative customer experience.

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