CX of the future.
Now, in your customers’ hands.

Make your customer the hero and give power to your sales and service teams. It's way faster and easier than traditional 1-800-calls or chatbots. So, why ring when you can zing!

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Zingly ROOMS

A new medium for seamless communication

Rain or shine, day and night, your prospects and customers can come and go as they please. No time-outs, no business hours. Zingly Rooms create one smooth buying and service experience.

Always persistent

Always on, drop-in and -out, sticky with notifications throughout the lifecycle

All-in-one medium

Messaging, voice, video, screensharing, media library, recordings & transcripts

Inbound & outbound

Reactive and proactive reach-out in every stage of the customer journey


Personal 1-to-1 and collaborative many-to-many

Voice of the customer

Sentiment in the moment and a relationship meter from the first hello till the last goodbye


Public spaces

Webinars and open discussions between your business and your customers

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Gen AI Buddy

Make Gen AI your

Turn your business data into your custom LLM, in minutes. Provide instant answers to every visitor — not limited by your human resources. Knowledge... + speed = double power.

Increase engagement

Make your business the most welcoming place online. Kill the friction, period.

Speed is your friend

Every question has an answer. Let Gen AI do what it does best—answer instantaneously.

Personal at scale

Engage every visitor in a unique and relevant way, both your VIPs and new prospects.

Business assistant

Turn your reps into super-humans. Focus your best resources on the right customers at the right time.

What company are you representing?
Atica6, we are a startup
Perfect! We have discounts for startups.
Can I see a live demo?
Sure! Let me loop in Jordan, she is our live demo expert. Ready?
let's do it|
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Full Story

Every customer has a story. Embrace it from start to finish.

Connect intentionally with your customers throughout their entire journey. Provide exceptional experience at every step and create lasting relationships.


Identify, score, and instantly connect with your targets and opportunities.


The right medium for the right moment, focus on the outcomes not the tools.


Make your customers successful with the right tools at the right time. Here comes Gen AI at its best.

Data at every turn

Understand your customers, react to their needs and sentiment, learn at every step. Improve.


Connect with the tools you know & use

Zingly integrates with the apps your team depends on every day. Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Clearbit... oh my!