Collaborative CX
(CCX) Platform

With Zingly, give all of your customers a highly personalized and
collaborative customer experience.

Customers demand personalized service.
Yet there will never be enough live reps to give immediate 1 on 1 service. At the same time your business will only move as fast as your customers.

Zingly inverts the industry dynamic and puts powerful tools not only in the hands of the reps but in the hands of the customer as well.

Zingly Rooms

A persistent, all-in-one, collaborative space for all customer communications with your brand.

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Gen AI Buddy

Engage customers and prospects with personalized responses powered by AI.

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Relationship AI

Ensure optimal customer and business outcomes by directing agents to high-priority customers.

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Reliable & Secure

Zingly provides a scalable, secure and compliant enterprise-grade platform.

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Analytics and Reporting

New data to help you monitor, manage and optimize like never before.

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Ease of Control

Fast to setup, easy to maintain, no developers needed.

New tech on your stack

State of the art technology that can easily coexist with your current tech stack.


Elevate your customer collaboration.
Zingly Rooms are secure, dynamic virtual spaces to track and manage communications.

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