Relationship AI

Ensure optimal customer and business outcomes by directing agents
to high-priority customers.

Infinite scale meets Hyper Personalization.

The ratio of visitors to employee resources will never be 1:1. Relationship-AI bridges the divide and provides the means to identify and elevate Rooms that are best suited for human interaction. Relationship-AI takes into account the who is in the room, what activity is occurring, what is being discussed and where they are in the process to determine when an agent should be engaged.

Manage the 

Ensure a seamless customer journey by topic with configurable stages tailored to each topic.

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Engage at the right time

Boost monitors defined criteria and dynamically alerts representatives to Rooms that require live engagement.

Maximize agent time

Use activity, intent, and more to enable agents to focus on the most promising customer.

Optimize resource allocation

Automatically match customer needs with the right resources to ensure effective engagement.

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Proactive customer engagement

Monitor customers and know precisely when they are online, enabling proactive and timely engagement.

Start your way

Ease of entry to starting your customer journey with choice of how to start.

Monitor your Relationship

Understand the nature of your journey relationship.

Schedule Time

Allow customers to schedule time with agents at their convenience.


Transform your customer experience
strategy with Zingy and maximize your online revenue potential.

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