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Transforming the customer experience in retirement services at a Fortune 500 financial services company

Transforming the customer experience in retirement services at a Fortune 500 financial services company
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Outcomes for asset consolidation use case with Zingly:

  • $10s of millions of incremental revenue
  • 3x increase in qualified opportunities
  • Shortened sales cycle from 58 days to 16 days
  • 5X increase in sales operations capacity
  • 30% improvement in win rate
  • Speed to lead improvement from days to minutes
  • 50% reduction in sales operations cost

A century-old provider of insurance and investment products, this Fortune 500 financial services company is committed to transforming its customer experience to meet the expectations of a multi-generational customer base, including Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Operating in a complex regulatory and compliance environment, the company faces the challenge of evolving its systems to meet the demands of a diverse customer base while maintaining operational efficiency.

Regarding these challenges, the Chief Operating Officer for the company's business unit, said, "When I think of our business two decades ago, we were handing manila folders around in the back office and reactively handling inbound phone calls to administer plans. This labor-intensive approach made it very challenging from a customer experience perspective, but that was the norm of the day. Obviously, we’ve come a long way since then, but there is much more we can do."

Developing a vision for a next-gen customer experience
Recognizing the need for a proactive approach to customer engagement, the company partnered with Zingly to revolutionize end-to-end customer interactions using a next-generation digital solution. Transformation without business disruption was a key priority for the company.

According to the company's Head of Digital, “What we found with Zingly is a partner that is committed to changing the landscape. The partnership between our company and Zingly is a marriage of two innovative thought processes that are anchored in financial discipline and business discipline. And together, it has helped us reimagine customer experience in a way that can truly be a differentiator in the marketplace.”

Zingly’s platform was seamlessly integrated into the company's existing technology infrastructure, unlocking unique capabilities, including persistent Zingly Rooms technology that fosters a dynamic, interactive customer service environment.

Zingly's solutions elevate the customer experience and collaboration
The collaboration focused on building a channel-agnostic, scalable experience that empowered customers to choose their engagement paths. For the first use case, the company utilized Zingly to enhance the 401K rollover process—a complex and valuable workflow. Zingly's platform integrated smoothly with the company’s existing Salesforce CRM and Avaya contact center systems, as well as other core technologies including Docusign, Proofpoint, Ping Identity and Shield FC. This enabled the company to maintain continuity while introducing advanced digital capabilities for scalability and personalization. Notably, the number of rollovers initiated after-hours, including weekends, exceeded 10% of total opportunities closed.

The Chief Operating Officer highlighted,  “We’re in a business where we have to continue to drive value and pass on those savings to our customers with more efficient services and, of course, competitive pricing. And we've found you can truly delight the customer when you have a combination AI-powered solution that brings humans in the loop, maximizing optionality for our customers.”

Enhancing customer services and reducing costs
The implementation of Zingly’s platform has enabled the company to serve a broad demographic, enhancing accessibility and satisfaction across all age groups. Since implementation, the company has observed a positive shift in customer interactions, with increased asset consolidation and improved lead generation. Reps can engage with over 5x the number of clients through scalability improvements, and lead response times have improved from days to minutes on average.

“Since we have started working with Zingly, the processing time for rolling money into the plan has been cut by more than 50%,” said the company’s Director of Customer Experience. The scalability improvements were accompanied by reduced operational costs due to decreased call times and repeat interactions. “We saw a huge reduction in the overall cost per interaction. Zingly was able to streamline the time spent significantly to get the desired outcome. This greatly increased scalability in terms of how many interactions we could assign to an individual service representative,” said the organization’s Head of Digital.

Deepening the Zingly partnership
Encouraged by the success of the initial implementation, the company plans to continue pushing the envelope in its CX transformation. “What really is enticing for me is the next layer of generative AI in these solutions. By consolidating calls, videos, chats, and generative AI into a unified and persistent medium, we gain a far superior understanding of customer interactions, enabling us to optimize and respond more efficiently. That in itself is extremely exciting to me what the future holds.” said the organization’s Head of Digital.

With a focus on predictive analytics, new applications of generative AI, and proactive engagement strategies to anticipate customer needs and enhance decision-making, the company continues to deliver the trust and access with customers that has been so critical to its success.