Gen AI Buddy

Unlock 24/7 sales & support, reduce friction, increase customer
engagement and ROI.

Give your customers AI they will love and trust.

Engage customers and prospects with personalized responses
powered by AI.

Resolve questions instantly

Your visitors engage Buddy to get personalized answers to questions immediately and at anytime.

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Trained on your documentation

Powered by Zingly’s proprietary digital engagement experience LLM layer trained on your documents & content.

A persistent space

All Buddy conversations are kept in Zingly Rooms where your visitors can return to anytime.

BOOST to a live agent

If the conversation requires live support, Zingly automatically boosts the
conversation to a live person.

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Safeguard customer data

Comply with industry standards and regulations, safeguarding your business and customer data.

Engage proactively

Monitor customers and know precisely when they are online, enabling proactive and timely engagement.


Provide personalized AI assistance
for your customers at hyperscale, and transform your customer experience.

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