Customer journey

Tailored experiences that guide customers from awareness to
advocacy, improving conversion rates and retention.

A seamless and engaging customer journey is essential for building lasting relationships.

Innovative solutions for each stage of the customer journey, from
initial engagement to post-purchase support.

See the entire Customer Journey with Zingly Lobby

Zingly Lobby presents the customer's journey with a list of Rooms representing engagements over the life of the relationship from sales to onboarding to service with detailed sentiment throughout.

Optimize the experience with Zingly Insights

Utilize data-driven insights for personalized engagement to ensure seamless ongoing interactions.

Convert and delight with Relationship AI

Increase conversions with immediate assistance while proactively engaging customers to reduce drop-off.

Nurture and retain with smart Notifications

Stay connected with personalized follow-ups in one seamless use experience. Customers no longer have to hang on the line. They can live their lives and receive notifications when updates have happen in their Room.

Support and empower with GenAI Buddy

Provide accurate AI-powered answers 24/7 to enhance customer satisfaction. GenAI Buddy provides accurate and compliant answers based on your data to reduce visitor frustration and thus fewer website abandons.

Define journey milestones with Zingly Topics

Zingly Topics allow defining the specific steps in the customer journey and curating the experiences customer receive along the way.


Improve every stage of your customer journey with Zingly’s AI-powered collaborative CX platform.

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