Zingly Rooms

Consolidate siloed communications with a secure, all-in-one
collaborative space for your brand.

Give your customers a single space they 
can return to anytime.

Revolutionize customer engagement with seamless, secure, and
interactive virtual collaboration spaces.

and persistent

A persistent, all-in-one, collaborative space for all customer communications with your brand.

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Everything in one place

Access messages, voice, video, and conduct screenshare all in one seamless platform.

Share files with customers

Customers can both upload and download documents securely in real time in a Zingly Room.

Secure and user-friendly

The Zingly platform includes enterprise-grade safety features to secure all data and communications.

A seamless experience

Easily add additional people into a Zingly Room without transferring customers between departments.

Handle multiple customers at once

Take advantage of lost time waiting for customer response to respond to other customers.

When only the
phone will do

Ties existing telephony platforms into the room for managing the complete visibility.

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Need to know basis

No need to hang around in the room. Zingly will notify the customer by email or text if something new happens in the room.

Rooms with a purpose

Zingly Rooms allow you to define a flow to track the progress throughout the customer journey.

Outbound Engagement

Create Rooms for your customers to help them through the journey. Customers and
agents can easily see where they are in the process of resolution.


Transform your customer experience
strategy with Zingy and maximize your online revenue potential.

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