Revenue generation

Increase online conversions, boost upsell opportunities, and drive
higher revenue for your business.

Transform website visitors into loyal customers with intelligent engagement tools.

Identify high-value visitors and connect them with your sales team
through personalized, real-time engagement.

Get more leads with Gen AI Buddy engagement

Increase visitor-to-lead rates by using Gen AI buddy to provide all visitors with quick access to answers 24/7.

Target the best opportunities with Relationship AI

Identify high-value prospects and engage a salesperson at the right time.

Improve conversions with the persistence of Zingly Rooms

Reduce sales funnel leakage by providing prospects a persistent, always-on space to get answers and engage with sales.

In-Room voice / video / screen share

Live engagement at the right time reduces drop-off rates by giving prospects a guided experience.

Automate followups with Zingly proactive notifications

Zingly breaks the "live leash" by notifying prospects when updates are posted in their Z! Room.

Free up sales—Gen AI Buddy handles info questions

Gen AI Buddy frees valuable sales people from answering informational questions and allows them to focus on selling.


Transform your customer experience
strategy with Zingy and maximize your online revenue potential.

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