About Zingly

Our mission

We aim to build relationships bigger than business.
Never before has it been more relevant than it is now. Across the globe, we are united through business and every human being depends on healthy, lasting relationships.

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Help businesses build relationships

Help businesses build long-term relationships with their customers, beyond buying and selling.

Give a voice 
to customers

Give a voice to customers and put them on an equal footing with businesses, for the benefit of both.

Bring trust
& transparency

Bring transparency and trust into customer-business relationships, fostering integrity and loyalty.

Built by industry insiders in collaboration with Fortune-100 service providers, Zingly Collaborative CX Platform™
is the new way to meet, onboard and build lasting relationships with your customers.

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The Core


Gaurav Passi

CEO, Co-Founder

John D’Amour

Head of Product, Co-Founder

Piotrek Chojnowski

Head of CX & Design, Co-Founder

Jafar Adibi

Head of AI & Technology

Brian Schnack

Head of Success

Pat Oldenburg


Zingly Values

The Foundation

We are
a team

We aim high, give credit, 
and take ownership.

We embrace change

We make no assumptions, and reward experimentation.

We carve our
own path

We walk tall, listen well and speak humbly.

We think

We care for each other, our customers, partners and communities.

We harness technology

We aim to harness it to serve people and strive for a better world.

We flip ME on
its head

We lead by example and assume the best of others.

Extended Team

Our Investors

A vision like this happens once in a decade, we are excited to partner with Zingly right from its inception.

Gaurav Manglik

General Partner at WestWave Capital

Westwave Capital