Reduce costs

Lower operational costs, streamline processes, and reduce the need
for extensive human intervention.

Enhance self-service options and 24/7 availability, minimizing the need for additional staff.

Optimize resource allocation, ensuring cost-effective and high-quality
customer interactions.

Do more with less leveraging Gen AI Buddy

Offload informational queries and basic data collection by leveraging Zingly's generative AI assistant.

Put agent where they are needed with Relationship AI

Leverages AI to prioritize live agents to the Rooms where human intervention would drive the best outcome.

24/7 availability: Rooms + Gen AI Buddy

Rooms provide an always available space for customers to engage buddy or leave messages for live agents any time of day.

Proactive engagement with Relationship AI

Room Score allows agents to prioritize Rooms and organize their day for the highest efficiency.

Better resource allocation with Zingly Routing

Intelligently route customers to the most appropriate resources to ensure fastest resolution.

Higher agent utilization with Zingly Rooms

The persistence of Zingly Rooms encourage digital engagement allowing agents the oportunity to multitask across multiple rooms.


With Zingly, transform your
business operations and reduce costs while providing a superior customer experience.

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