Digital experiences

Deliver seamless and personalized experiences, ensuring better
customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Build deeper relationships with your customers through innovative digital solutions.

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing real-time,
personalized online interactions.

Personalize the experience with Zingly Rooms

Go beyond traditional interactions and offer customers a collaborative space in a Zingly Room that preserves their context and provides a cohesive experience.

Messaging, voice, video, and screenshare

Aggregate all communications in a single place and end channel confusion caused by fragmented interactions.

Eliminate "starting over" with persistent Zingly Rooms

Single persistent space that holds the entire conversation and context that customers can keep coming back to.

Engage at the right time with Room Boost

Zingly Relationship AI dynamically "Boosts" rooms and alerts representatives when to engage live.

Increase scale and engage more visitors with GenAI Buddy

GenAI Buddy engages all visitors to answer questions and collect information.

See the whole 
picture with Zingly Integration

Supercharge your existing technology stack by integrating with Zingly.


Deliver an exceptional customer
experiences that build lasting relationships and drive business growth.

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