Conversational AI

Engage customers with context-aware interactions, enhancing
support and driving meaningful engagement.

Transform customer interactions, making them more efficient, personalized, and engaging.

AI-driven solutions to provide seamless, real-time support and
meaningful engagement at every touchpoint.

Persistent and contextual experience with Zingly Rooms

Previous interactions are always visible to customers and businesses, ensuring continuity and context in every conversation.

Accurate responses at their fingertips with GenAI Buddy

Zingly AI is trained on your data in order to ensure that all answers are accurate, compliant and relevant.

Continuous improvement with state of the art ML-Ops

Self-evolving AI continuously learns and adapts to changing customer needs and behaviors. Data updates and optimization without specialized data engineers.

Access to real agents at right time with Relationship AI Boost

Interactions are boosted to live agents at key points based on intent and defined business-criteria.

Curate customer experiences with Zingly Topics

Curate customer experience based upon the nature of the conversations to better match resources and process to reach the desired outcome.


Experience the ease and efficiency of conversational AI with Zingly’s Collaborative Customer Experience Platform.

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