Gen AI Assist

Unlock 24/7 sales & support, reduce friction, increase customer
engagement and ROI.

Make all your agents superheroes by giving them
AI-enabled superpowers.

Improves agent efficiency and accuracy by harnessing your all of internal
knowledge to deliver precise, personalized agent suggestions.

Trained on 
your data

Train it on all your internal documents, customer conversations, transcripts, emails, CRM data and more.

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Increases your ROI

Faster response times and accurate answers lead to better customer interactions and increases ROI.

Reduces agent training time

With AI Assist, agents require less training and become effective faster.

Scales agent superheroes

Scale support and onboarding agents by enabling them to handle more queries
without sacrificing quality.

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Put all of your internal knowledge to
work. Use AI to give agents automated access to the most relevant information, reducing the time it takes to find answers and resolve issues.

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