Ensuring trust and integrity in generative AI

Ensuring trust and integrity in generative AI
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Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize customer interactions, but if managed incorrectly, it can produce inaccurate content that’s unhelpful to users and harmful to the integrity of the brand. The industry refers to these inaccuracies as hallucinations and a significant amount of effort has been put into developing ways to manage, mitigate, and eliminate them from AI systems.

At Zingly, ensuring confidence in and accuracy of our AI-generated content is paramount. That is why we take comprehensive steps to ensure that our Gen AI Buddy tool provides accurate and safe AI-driven customer interactions.

Generative AI and the Zingly platform 

Generative AI is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers by providing personalized, efficient, and scalable solutions. At Zingly, we have integrated generative AI into our platform to enhance digital engagement and streamline customer interactions. Our Gen AI Buddy is a prime example of how we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to deliver superior customer experiences.

The Zingly Collaborative Customer Experience (CCX) platform supports various facets of customer engagement, from initial inquiries to complex service requests, ensuring that our solutions meet and exceed modern consumer expectations. The platform is designed for the seamless integration of generative AI, allowing businesses to utilize AI-driven tools like Buddy to handle a wide range of customer queries with human-like conversational abilities. Buddy operates continuously, ensuring prospects and customers receive timely assistance whenever they need it, 24/7. By training Buddy on specific datasets relevant to your business, we ensure personalized and contextually accurate responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, Buddy's integration with Zingly-Rooms enables a cohesive customer journey, allowing customers to transition seamlessly from AI-driven interactions to live agent engagement within the same virtual space.

Security and compliance are paramount in our AI processes. The Zingly platform employs robust data protection measures and adheres to regulatory standards such as SOC 2 compliance, ensuring that all interactions and data handling processes are secure and trustworthy. Privacy is prioritized through Buddy’s zero retention architecture, which ensures that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stored outside the Zingly environment. This commitment to security and privacy, combined with continuous real-time learning and user feedback integration, makes the Zingly platform a reliable and effective solution for modern customer engagement.

Overview of Gen AI Buddy

Our Gen AI Buddy is designed to respond to customer and employee queries in a human-like conversational manner. It provides information via text format and is not designed to recommend, predict, suggest, or make decisions. It enhances the customer experience by engaging users on your website. Customers can interact with Buddy to get answers and continue their conversation in a dedicated Room, where they can also engage with live agents via chat, video, or voice call.

Powered by Zingly’s proprietary digital engagement experience, the ML layer sits on the top of LLM foundational model. Buddy helps customers and visitors engage easily, ensuring their sales and service inquiries are answered accurately.

Ingestion, learning, and training

The first step we take to ensure the safety and compliance of each customer instance of Buddy is to train solely on the data that you provide access to, ensuring that Buddy's knowledge is constrained to only the products and services that you choose. Training materials can be in a variety of formats.

Many customers find using publicly available web pages, like FAQs or product information, and internal web content on intranets is efficient. Training on other formats like text-based PDFs and other document formats is also possible.

We also have exclusion mechanisms that allow you to specify which public and private data sources should be specifically excluded from Buddy's training.

Monitoring and tuning

Once trained, we evaluate and continuously monitor Buddy’s performance using various methods, including automated sample questions, user feedback, and manual quality control. This ensures that Buddy’s output avoids hallucinations and remains accurate. Our process includes: testing over various static and dynamic datasets, user feedback loop, quality control monitoring and independent third party assessments. 

Security and privacy

Buddy data is processed in data centers, where our custom models are securely stored and encrypted. Zingly guarantees that customer information is protected, providing a secure environment for AI-driven interactions.

Privacy is paramount in AI processes, especially regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII includes any data that can identify, describe, or be linked to an individual, such as names, email addresses, social security numbers, and biometric information. Zingly’s zero retention architecture ensures that PII and other sensitive customer data are not stored outside the Zingly environment. Any PII provided during interactions with Buddy is masked and not used to train our AI models, maintain strict privacy controls, and build trust with our customers.

Zingly employs comprehensive measures to monitor and manage data to enhance security further. We utilize internal monitoring and quality assurance tools to detect and prevent inaccuracies and biases in Buddy's output. Regular audits and third-party assessments are conducted to ensure compliance with industry standards. Additionally, our data ingestion process allows you to specify which sources Buddy should learn from, and we can dynamically exclude any data that you decide should not be part of Buddy’s training. This rigorous approach to data management ensures that Buddy remains a reliable and trustworthy AI tool for your business.

We’re committed to reliable and compliant AI solutions

At Zingly, we understand the critical importance of trust and integrity in deploying generative AI. Our approach ensures that Gen AI Buddy delivers safe, compliant, and accurate AI-generated content. By leveraging controlled data sources, rigorous monitoring and tuning processes, and stringent security and privacy measures, we provide a reliable tool that enhances customer and employee interactions.

Our commitment to ongoing improvement, transparency, and adherence to industry standards underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in AI-driven solutions. With Zingly, you can confidently provide your customers with a seamless and secure experience, knowing that their interactions are protected and their needs are met accurately.

Interested in learning more about how Zingly can help you modernize your customer experience with innovative generative AI solutions? Get in touch.