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It’s 2024, the world doesn't need yet another chatbot

It’s 2024, the world doesn't need yet another chatbot
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Gaurav Passi
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It’s 2024, the world doesn't need yet another chatbot
A chatbot, even a Gen AI-powered one, offers one-off interactions. Once the conversation ends, both the chatbot and the customer move on. That isn’t a relationship—it's disposable.

In response to the pressure business feel to manage costs and improve margins, many turn to chatbots. However, these simple tools are often predefined, scripted, and impersonal systems that lack the necessary sophistifcation. A scripted chatbot won’t identify revenue-generating opportunities. Long-term success depends on growth through increased revenue, NPS, and reduced costs—areas where chatbots fall short.

Zingly, on the other hand, is a collaboration platform that helps businesses manage relationships while simultaneously empowering customers. Zingly’s Buddy, built on Gen AI, engages customers in a persistent space called a Z! Room—a central place where customers can interact with a business anytime, forever. Within a Rooms, customers can also engage with human agents through text, voice, video, chat, calendaring, payments, and more. Rooms as the building blocks of relationships, allowing businesses to observe and manage all aspects of the customer journey.
Zingly’s Relationship AI layer automates customer experience management, seamlessly joining customers, employees, and AI at the right times to increase revenue, decrease costs, and reduce risks.

Zingly makes them equal partners in business relationships.

  • Persistent Relationships: Zingly Rooms provide a persistent space capturing the full customer journey and relationship. It’s built on an all-in-one medium—voice, video, chat, messaging, texting, calendaring, media, payments, and more. In contrast, chatbots are one-off and transactional.
  • Real-Time Learning: Zingly’s Buddy learns and responds in real-time based on evolving business data and customer needs. Every customer interaction feeds into the large language model (LLM), unlike chatbots, which are pre-scripted.
  • Intelligent Human Integration: Zingly’s Relationship-AI knows when to bring humans into the loop to reduce customer friction and create revenue-generating opportunities. Chatbots, on the other hand, are static and robotic.

Zingly transforms customer interactions into lasting relationships, driving growth and efficiency for businesses while providing a superior customer experience.